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Bioactive Peptides

The PolyPeptide Group offers an extensive catalog with nearly 1,250 bioactive peptides, enzyme substrates and inhibiors sold by Net Peptide Content.

We are strongly committed to our customers and continue to develop our product ranges accordingly. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional products you would like to see in our catalog!

Quality Control - Quality Assurance

The PolyPeptide Group guarantees the best available quality for all its peptides. We follow stringent, precise procedures to ensure complete identification and very high purity.

Every product must conform to strict analytical specifications before sales and shipment. Of course, a specific analytical data sheet of each batch is sent with every product.

Our bioactive peptides are controlled by : HPLC (periodically recontrolled), Amino Acid Analysis, Mass Spectrometry

Special Amino Acids and Building Blocks

From Research to Pilot Scale

Special amino acids and derivatives, organic building blocks and turn mimics are useful tools for your peptide design. We have accumulated great experience in expected properties of organic building blocks. They are available from our catalog, or can be developed by our chemists.

Over 600 unusual amino acids and organic building blocks in stock

featuring beta-amino acids, gamma-amino acids, aminobenzoic acids, polyethylene glycol spacers, statines, diamines and more, that illustrate our particular know-how in special peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis.

Available in Electronic Formats

Download the files in excel or sdf format here.

Six chemistry labs are entirely dedicated to the chemistry of amino acids, solution-phase peptide synthesis, and traditional organic synthesis. Lab protocols can be transferred to a pilot plant and developed to a 200 L scale.

From the simpliest to the most complex research tool and services. 

For any countries please contact:

PolyPeptide Laboratories France SAS

7 rue de Boulogne
67100 Strasbourg, France

Tel +33 388.79.08.79
Fax +33 388.79.18.56

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For the United States please contact:

PolyPeptide Laboratories San Diego

9395 Cabot Drive
San Diego, CA 92126 USA

Tel +1 858.408.0808
Toll Free +1 800.338.4965
Fax +1 858.408.0799
or +1 800.654.5592

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