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Sarafotoxin S6c

Catalog reference SC457
Iupac name
Sarafotoxin S6c
CAS number 121695-87-2
Sequence Cys-Thr-Cys-Asn-Asp-Met-Thr-Asp-Glu-Glu-Cys-Leu-Asn-Phe-Cys-His-Gln-Asp-Val-Ile-Trp (Disulfide bridges Cys¹-Cys¹⁵ and Cys³-Cys¹¹)
Mol File
Molecular formula C103H147N27O37S5
Molecular weight 2,515.76
Family Endothelins and Related Peptides
Storage -20°C
Purity ≥95%
Takasaki, C. et al. (1992) BBRC, 189, 1527-1533
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