Our vision at the PolyPeptide Group


Our goal at the PolyPeptide Group is to become your preferred peptide manufacturer by consistently providing you with the highest quality products and services that exceed your expectations. Through excellence in peptide technology, quality, value, service and customer support at every one of our six sites across three continents we strive to ensure your satisfaction with every project, every time. Whether you require peptides for basic research, or GMP-grade peptides for clinical trials or commercial manufacturing, our total commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets PolyPeptide apart from the competition.

As standards continue to become more demanding, we have to be more innovative and cost conscious. We constantly look for new and innovative technologies to achieve improvements in quality, optimization of scale-up, reduction of process time and greener technologies. Our quality and regulatory groups continue to upgrade our systems to be as efficient as possible while maintaining our excellent regulatory inspection and API approval track record. In addition, our project management and support teams continue to look for ways to improve the customer experience with PolyPeptide by providing timely, open, and transparent communication through the entire project.

The combination of technical excellence, quality and regulatory experience and total commitment to customer satisfaction that exists within the PolyPeptide Group is second to none, and represents your guarantee of success for any peptide manufacturing project undertaken. We hope you will make PolyPeptide your preferred peptide manufacturing partner.