PolyPeptide in Braine L’alleud, Belgium

The latest acquisition of the peptide manufacturing facility in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium is yet another declaration of the PolyPeptide Group’s commitment to anticipate our clients’ needs and to ensure the flexibility of additional capacity for existing and future projects.PolyPeptide Belgium

The 172,000 square foot facility is dedicated for GMP peptide manufacturing from small to large scale projects , and provides the Group with additional large scale liquid phase capability, (reactor size up to 2,800L),  and large scale purification  & isolation capabilities including industrial scale spray drying for peptide drug substances.

The facility has successfully undergone multiple successful pre-approval and site inspections by the US FDA,.  The facility has also been inspected by the Belgium FAMHP, the Korean FDA, and the Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare.