Strasbourg, France

PolyPeptide Strasbourg, France

The Strasbourg, France site is a 65,000 square foot (~6,500 sq. meters) facility of which 35,000 square feet (~3,500 sq. meters) is dedicated for GMP manufacturing.

The facility supports 7 independent synthesis units with solid phase reactors up to 200L and solution phase up to 650L in capacity. The facility has 8 independent purification and isolation suites.  Several lyophilizers are available with capacities up to 200 kg of ice.

This site manufactures proprietary research scale peptides at milligram to gram scale, as well as the bioactive peptides, non-natural amino acids and building blocks, included in the PolyPeptide catalog.  The site’s main business is manufacturing of GMP grade peptides for clinical trials or commercial applications.

This facility has been inspected by the French Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM) on behalf of the EU.  It was also inspected by the US FDA in September 2009 in relation to a new commercial product to be sold in the US.