Individualized Peptides
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Individualized Peptide Therapeutics


In 2008, researchers successfully sequenced the first cancer genome. By comparing the DNA from various cancer cells with that in healthy cells from the same individual, researchers have found that tumors contain unique mutations which lead to the production of NeoAntigens.  These mutation derived NeoAntigens, which are unique to each patient, are recognized as foreign by a tumor patient’s immune system.  Subsequently, these “foreign” NeoAntigens present on the tumor cells illicit an immune response from T-cells which target and attack the tumor.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors block inhibitory signals that would otherwise repress the body’s cancer fighting T-cells.  In 2015, researchers discovered that the responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors is correlated to the neoantigen load or T-Cell load.  Therefore, a new area in immunotherapy has focused on the preparation of NeoAntigen peptide vaccines to prime the body’s immune system to stimulate T-cell production.  The PolyPeptide Group is excited to become a major player in Individualized Peptide Therapeutics and the production of NeoAntigen peptides for these vaccines.  Learn more in the article “Needle-to-needle: Manufacturing NeoAntigen Peptides”, Trishul Shah, Director Business Development, PolyPeptide Group.

  • The NeoAntigen PolyPeptide (NAPP™) operation is located in the United States at our facility in Torrance, California 
  • The operation is located within the GMP manufacturing area, and therefore appropriate GMP standards are applied to NeoAntigen Manufacturing.
  • The area is staffed with an integrated and dedicated team composed of chemists for both Production and Quality Control assuring rapid turnaround to meet patient needs.
  • Raw Materials and reagents are fully controlled through our GMP supply chain.
  • We have established strong partnerships with industry leading equipment suppliers to support this emerging field.
  • Through leadership and understanding in NeoAntigen Peptide manufacturing, we have developed strategic relationships with leaders in the field of Immunotherapy.

As an established leader in this field, we welcome you to further explore our abilities.

individualized peptides
Individualized peptides