Our story began in 1952 when we started with the commercial manufacturing of therapeutic peptides in Malmö, Sweden. Since then, we became a focused Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with differentiated technologies and capabilities in the production of the most complex and innovative peptides. We have manufactured a total of over 1000 GMP-grade peptides at our six production sites in Europe, the USA and India, where we also provide analytical and regulatory support to our customers. We partner with them for the long term from early pre-GMP development through phases 1 to 3 of clinical development to commercialization with originators. We also service generic and providers of cosmetic products. In the United States, our offering includes neoantigen peptides used in personalized cancer therapies, and in 2021, we started the production of oligonucleotides for novel therapeutics in early stage of development.


Public company listing on SIX Swiss Exchange

Acquisition of Lonza’s peptide business in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Celebrating 20th anniversary!

PolyPeptide Group 1996-2016

Expansion in Malmö, Sweden, and inauguration of facility in Ambernath, India

Acquisition of NeoMPS Strasbourg, France

Acquisition of NeoMPS San Diego, US

San diego polypeptide

Start of Operations in Torrance, US

Founding of PolyPeptide as an independent CDMO

Start of commercial therapeutic peptide manufacturing in Malmö, Sweden as part of Ferring