Peptide Modification

Peptide Modification

The PolyPeptide Group has a long history of manufacturing chemically modified peptides at a wide range of scales.  These include synthesis of branched chain and polymeric peptides, addition of organic moieties such as acyl groups and linker sequences, introduction of radio- and stable isotopic labels and functional tags, as well as conjugation to polymeric macromolecules such as PEG and proteins.  The Group also develops and provides appropriate specific analytical methods required for the characterization of these products.

In October 2014, the PolyPeptide Group and Amunix Operating Inc.entered into a partnership under which Amunix’s proprietary recombinantly derived polypeptides (XTEN™) will be chemically conjugated to other peptides.

“Amunix and Polypeptide to Produce Peptide Conjugates” (October 28, 2014)

We are always interested in new technologies that require modification or conjugation of peptides.  Please contact us to with your specific questions or requirements.  We would be happy to discuss your projects with you and how we can cooperate.

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