In 2022, we generated EUR 281 million in revenue, and our active custom projects pipeline included 220 projects at the end of the year. The structure of revenue and the active custom projects pipeline provide insights into our activities and the innovation efforts of our customers.

Helping patients across multiple health indications

Approx. revenue split by therapeutic areas (as per 31 December 2022)

Cardio- and neurologic
Coronavirus pandemic related

Servicing a diversified customer base

Approx. revenue split by customer type (as per 31 December 2022)

Large pharma
Other pharma & academia

Solutions for development and commercial products

Revenue by business area (as per 31 December 2022)

Custom Projects
Contract Manufacturing
Generetic & Cosmetics

“Start here – stay here”

Number of active custom projects (as per 31 December 2022)

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III