Our integrated strategy is based on four priorities: “Customer first”, “Drive innovation”, “Go for growth” and “collaborate as OnePolyPeptide.” These four cornerstones are rounded out by our ESG agenda “Responsible partnerships”. As a prudent company, we understand the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. They are part of our daily business conduct.

That is why it is important for us to adhere to the fundamental principles of business ethics, corporate responsibility, and compliance. In all these efforts, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint, drive continuous improvement toward business excellence, and strengthen the company as an employer of choice.

Integrated strategy

Customers first: We strive to maintain outstanding customer satisfaction across all relevant dimensions. These include scientific expertise, product delivery, customer service, quality, project management and execution. For decades, we have cooperated with some of the most successful pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. To maintain our standards and to meet our customers’ expectations, we continuously invest in our infrastructure, our processes, and our people.

Drive innovation: Our value generation is closely linked to our capabilities in providing products and services effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. We pursue a holistic innovation agenda to continuously develop our manufacturing and analytical capabilities at the forefront of technology. To reduce the environmental impact from our manufacturing activities we maintain a green chemistry program, partly in close collaboration with external partners.

Go for growth: We aim to continuously build our custom project pipeline and to serve our customers throughout the lifecycle of their drug development process. Driven by the requirements of our late-stage custom projects, we expand capacities to meet expected growth. With the decision to enter the emerging market for oligonucleotide-based API’s, we aim to address unmet customer needs, thus unlocking an additional avenue of growth. Upcoming patent expiries provide opportunities to further develop the peptide generics API business.

Collaborate as “OnePolyPeptide”: The Group maintains a program aimed at continuously optimizing internal collaboration and seeking the right balance between global integration of systems and local diversity. We strive to reinforce, continuously improve, and harmonize processes, systems, and platforms across the Group. This includes digitalization, automation, cyber security, talent management, vendor qualification, risk management, and quality systems.