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04 Sep 2019

Symposium on Preparative and Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC 2019

PolyPeptide Group will be present at the Symposium on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC 2019 

on September 10-11 in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss the latest trends in preparative and process chromatography

among scientists and engineers from all over the world. Per Möller, Process Development, PolyPeptide Group, is one of

the speakers presenting “Strategies and Practical Considerations in the Downstream Process Development of Synthetic Peptides".

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15 Aug 2019

Book your meeting with PolyPeptide at CPhI worldwide - Frankfurt, Germany

PolyPeptide Group CPhI worldwide - Frankfurt am Main

Meet PolyPeptide Group 5-7 November in Frankfurt, Germany. Contact your Sales Representative or send us an email: to schedule a meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you at booth 42F12

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10 May 2019

100% Sustainable energy from wind turbines at PolyPeptide Sweden

Green Energy PolyPeptide Sweden

Polypeptide Laboratories (Sweden) AB reduces Carbon dioxide emissions with 2206 ton in 2019 when 100% of the electricity comes from wind power. PolyPeptide Group focuses on finding sustainable solutions, all ways, always.

See certification from E.ON (in swedish only)